Zoom is like one long video... Except your child gets to interact with the characters... Briefly.


    Why can't your child study or practice alone?

    Because we believe building grit together is stronger...


    Why can't your child just form ----- groups with friends ?

    You will just get distracted collectively chatting... playing games... eating... socialising...

    Ending up stalling pursuing your dreams coz it is harder to find like-minded people in your passion of -----...


    (Passion + Perseverance = Grit x Daily Positive Habit = SUCCESS + HAPPINESS


    WE BELIEVE IN MVP! (minimal viable product)

    We believe in the courage to launch and refine along the way.

    We believe starter of any channel/ business/ movement should embrace the same spirit.



    We are always having fun. Because fun is high energy in motion. Fun sets the best mood for learning!

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    Perhaps what's missing is motivation, a schedule facilitator and a high energy company

    when studying, practising and/or completing any tasks at home...

    Not more work but motivation to complete them with gusto!



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    END IN 30 JUNE 2022
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    You may add as many 50 minutes sessions in a month for your child.

    Up to 4 sessions a day,

    5 days a week.

    Habits require consistency and time to develop.

    Basic plan to see result.


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    Every child has

    90 Days of FREE TRIAL.

    We want you and your child to be happy engaging with us before you subscribe.

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    USUAL: $428 / year


    You have access to all our available slots for the entire year.

    Up to 4 sessions a day,

    5 days a week.

    You choose these plan to fulfil long term goals and/ or multiple goals in a year.

    Highly recommended.




    Parent co-plan with the child his time-table. (Older kids can do this alone.)



    Parent book the child's session.



    The child turns up for the Zoom Session with camera switch on.



    Every child declares boldly his task for the next 50 minutes



    The child works in a deep focus group. (Only chat with Lead Buddy.)​



    Every buddy declares his task is completed.



    Parent received child's screenshot attendance.



    With repetition, habit is formed. Progress takes place.



    A new identity emerged; a good student or anything that the child wants to be.


    Studying, or any task worth completing should be fast and fun-filled..

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    We are super-charged!

    We believe intensity moves kids into action. Our Lead Super Buddy will gear everyone to the start and end with enthusiasm.

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    I can do this myself.

    We want kids to tell us what is their goal for the 50 minutes session, be proactive in seeking answers to problem areas and completing their task every time.

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    Determined to be distraction-free.

    We set our session at 50 minutes to capture kids' optimal attention.

    They declare what they want to accomplish and has the accountability group to share if they have done do.

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    The secret lies in intensive repetition.

    Our session is designed for deep focus where kids are muted and could only chat with Our Lead Super Buddy.

    Kids are reminded constantly of the time left and to check their answers.

    It may seem simple. The truth is the secret lies in pace and repetition in every session.

    That's why our subscription plan is the essence of our program.

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    Your child is not alone.

    Sometimes kids don't finish their homework because they hit a roadblock and lose the interest to carry on. Here, we have Lead Super Buddy to help your child on the spot so his momentum is not lost.

    Our main interaction with your child is to be his source of encouragement and guide him to look for answers.

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    Environment is stronger than willpower.

    Your child probably has a schedule to follow at home. The question is if he is motivated to complete his task at the stipulated time. Does he has a desire to finish quickly and to his best ability? We create a high energy ambience for kids to feel energise and supported to complete his work.

    We celebrate his every little wins consistently and regularly to assist him in forming positive habits and attitude in studying.

  • Our Schedule

    Once you are our members, you can booked as many slots as possible in a month!

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    Creator's Corner | For Kids By Kids


    We believe the future belongs to _ _ _ prenuers; be it teenspreners, mumprenuers, infoprenuers or entrepreneurs.


    Even if you are happy being an employees, you can have a competitive edge by being able to make an outstanding cover letter video. For your resume to shine through the pile of applicantions on the HR manager's desk, you need to create beautifully designed resume.


    We share with you how your child can learn how he can learn to create a portfolio of photos, articles and videos now.


    Parents are encouraged to attend all these events with your children.

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    How to Build a Website In 1 hour and Make Money With it?

    This website that you are looking at is built by a 10 years old, 14 years old and a tech-phobia mum. If we can do it, anyone can!

    By Kayden & Kaylie


    Member price: FREE

    Non-member price: $10

    Date: 11, 18 June

    Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 pm


    Email us via contact form below for more info.

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    How to Make a Video Using iPhone App in 1 hour?

    It is really simple. Anything that is not intuitive these day is not a good application.

    By Kayden


    Member price: FREE

    Non-member price: $10

    Date: 11, 18 June

    Time: 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


    iPhone is used in this course.

    Email us via contact form below for more info.

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    How to Use ProCreate to Make Beautiful Design?

    Logos, thumbnails, greeting cards, virtually anything you want to create can be achieve in this session. Not perfect solution but Kaylie get around to it.

    By Kaylie


    Member price: FREE

    Non-member price: $10

    Date: 12, 19 June

    Time: 1:00pm - 2:30 pm


    ProCreate is only available in iPad.

    Email us via contact form below for more info.

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    4 Quick Tips To Start 

    Using Final Cut Pro

    Kayden learned Final Cut Pro in a school holiday and make our ad with it. Perhaps the artistic direction needs experience to craft but you can definitely make something with these 4 quick tips.

    By Kayden


    Member price: FREE

    Non-member price: $10

    Date: 12, 19 June

    Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 pm


    Final Cut Pro is only available in MacBook.

    Email us via contact form below for more info.

  • Testimonials

    Customer Stories


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    Warren Newman

    Business Entrepreneur

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    Sofia Cagle

    Social Media Influencer

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    Hunter Newton

    Chief Executive Officer, IT Company
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    "Seek your truth, and you will find it within you. If you start your children young, they will find it in their youth."


    Elin Chua

    Author of Poor Mum Rich Mum

    Our Backstory

    Here is our back story. 2019 was Primary Six Leaving Examination (PSLE) year for my son, Kayden. I panicked. We have been having domestic issues for the last couple of years. I have neglected his studies. I wondered what I could do to help him get into the elite school that we have been eyeing. One day, I had an idea when I saw Peng Joon’s Facebook ad on Videos Challenge. My son was probably 9 or 10 years old when he told me he wanted to be a Youtuber and begged me to help him start his Youtube channel. I ignored him till he won the Singapore Digital Media Award with his schoolmates from his Media Club. I thought we could attempt to use this to beef up Kayden’s profile and use his co-curricular activities (CCA) via the Direct Secondary School Admission’s (DSA) route to get him into the elite school near our home. To make it up to Kayden, I vowed to give my all to create a spectacular portfolio for him. Kayden worked hard during that June holiday. He was the youngest and fastest participant in the Videos Challenge. Peng Joon surprised us when he sent us a video invitation to give him a GameChanger Intensive Scholarship. The following year, Kaylie broke her brother’s record and a month later we became Peng Joon’s affiliate marketer.

    Everything Happens For a Reason

    Despite all that, Kayden did not get into his school of choice, but he went to the most caring school in Singapore. This school was never in our mind but somehow fate has it that we were led there. We were warmly welcomed from the reception auntie to the teacher who was on duty that day. We found out much later that the school was in the press for committed teachers who went out of their way for underprivileged kids. We were moved by the story. During the pandemic, I personally witnessed how the teachers put in their heart and soul for the kids. Right from the start, home-based learning is very organized and peaceful. Every morning, it is a bliss watching Kayden silently focused, completing task after task watching high quality video tutorials. They had weekly meetings where teachers checked on the kid’s well-being and to clarify any doubts. He was all smiles and occasional chuckled when he was on the calls. Kayden belongs to the Drama Club where he had a ball filming a video with his schoolmate on Zoom. The club has a teacher who is also a professional actor in our local TV station. During the Zoom lessons, he shares his knowledge with his students generously. Kaylie and I sometimes join in his class to become his extras or Prop Assistants. We had a blast! I silently thanked our then Minister of Education, Mr Ong Ye Kong, for his bold mission to “make every school a good school”, a slogan that I once thought was too idealistic and will never materialize in Singapore. I am happy to eat my words now.

    Our Awakening

    By this time, we already have this realisation - making a living doing what we love is THE WAY to true happiness. We should be defining what success means to us, not others. We should allow our children to express themselves freely and tell us what they value in life. We can then help them to get to their right path without wasting precious time studying for anything that they have no talent or interest in. Having said that, discovering children’s passions and talents is useless if they are not turning them into their livelihood. Because as a mum, my top priority is that they can make a living with it. Now, I believe that you need to have an ROI on enrichment programs. They should be enrolled with a purpose. Because time does not only mean money but opportunity cost, which is costlier. The pandemic gave me this enlightenment that we could monetize just with a phone and internet connection. Everyone can do it, even kids. During this period of isolation, the internet world is on sale. We spend a lot of time and money learning from different mentors, attending all kinds of courses and reading a lot of books. It was a journey to merge our ability and our passions from where we are to where we want to be. Being on this journey with us, will help you and your kids to save some time and start their journey early in life, exploring their identity and to seek their truth.

    Our Action

    I have a vision to live our dreams doing what we love, working whenever we want, wherever we are and with the people we want in our lives. I am not fond of my children just being influencers with millions of followers. Our favorite internet wealth mastery mentor, Peng Joon, loves to remind us not to be broke influencers with the vanity matrix. Likability and popularity is short-lived. And yes, single mums are really practical people. Sure, I want to have our voices heard but also to make a comfortable living doing it. More than creators, I want us to be Contentprenuers - people who make content that monetizes. So making content for our business makes perfect sense.


    On 3rd March 2021, we registered our first company - VideoGenTV.com. We accomplished little. On 29 December 2021, we launched our second business - Video StudyBuddy. The business idea, website and video is conceptualized and created during this holiday with my kids. They learn how to use the App/ software and create the content at the same time. We threw ideas around and googled for answers. We tested a couple of ideas, names, payment gateway, sites and many other things, before finally deciding that Video Study Buddy is a go. As a long term self-employed person, I experienced first hand how lonely and demotivating it can be. If you don't have the right attitude and habits, it is going to be harder to be successful. A great learning attitude and habit towards any task completion should be formed early in life. Video Study Buddy is a high energy virtual space that motivates and encourages kids to complete their tasks on time. This is especially important for entrepreneurs. We are living in a say-that-thing-without-saying-that-thing kind of world right now. Hence, we have this idea of just high energy, muted silence charged right into the work kind of Zoom session. It is a safe space. Your child’s grades or business idea is his own privacy unless he wants to share it. We guide him to the right places to find answers for himself. We encourage him and make him feel okay with comforting words when things get tough, just so that he is still on it.

    Our Role

    As Contentpreners, we understand the struggle to stay disciplined and create consistently. Video StudyBuddy is a platform that helps kids to stay motivated especially if they decide to make content. Every month, Kayden and Kaylie will share with other kids what they have learnt and hopefully inspire some to become Contentprenuers. Even if they are not, these are marketable skills for their future. Whether it is video editing or designing, they will come in handy to develop your child’s portfolio and help them stand out in the employment market.

    Our Mission

    We want to be able to spread the idea that every child is able to achieve his dreams doing what he loves. With the help of his parents he could even start to monetise, even before he leaves school. I believe parents, not schools, help children achieve self-actualisation, living their best lives. We, Video StudyBuddy, are the bridge to the partnership between busy working parents and children working on their talents and passion.


    We are our dream team...

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    Never believe how Kaylie would blossom in a short span of time.

    An introvert born during a turbulent time.

    Often quiet, shy and

    timid in class.

    A sad wallflower.

    Discovered her passion for colours, designs and

    Art in all forms.

    Becomes confident and bold in her newly found artistic world; often drawing furiously away in her iPad and Apple Pencil.

    Engrossed in tutorials

    not meant for her age.

    She found her voice.

    And identity.

    Her first sign of tiny brilliance.

    Found her sense of humour

    and her love of a cheeky laughter.

    She is our cheerleader.

    A classic example of passion inspired confidence.

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    True story.

    About how things make sense in the end. Kayden has never won any academic award.

    But won a scholarship in GameChanger Intensive as the youngest and fastest participant In Peng Joon's

    Video's Challenge in June 2019.

    Started his Youtube channel.

    Had one viral video.

    Won Resilience Award a couple of times in an elite school and a neighbourhood school,

    mainly for being a great buddy

    to other classmates in need.

    Has a habit of finishing his homework first thing he reaches home and within the first couple of days of school holidays.

    Bounced back from disappointing PSLE results, he figured out his own formula for getting As in Science and Accounting.

    Internet wealth mastery remains in his young mind.

    Started tutoring his sister and decides that he wants to help other kids too.

    Ask his mum for help

    to start his company.

    You are looking at it now.

    An intriguing journey (in his mum's opinon) of how dots are connected.

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    An unconventional mum

    who thinks

    the best job in the world

    is a mum.

    Second best job

    is a coach

    to help discover, develop and materialised her children's

    passions and talents.

    Her philosophy in

    bringing up her children

    is being around to give meaning

    to their daily lives' encounters.

    Elin's specialty is

    her ability to turn

    classroom lessons into

    life's lessons.

    Or life's questions into

    her unique textbook answers.

    Her own brand of pedagogy.


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